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Worldview Intelligence

Building Trust and Relationship

About The Program


“We are never in a circumstance where we are only talking to ourselves.” This approach is so common sense, it’s a wonder nobody came up with it before now.

Worldview Intelligence is a set of skills that has never been needed more than in these high stress, chaotic times. It is essential to building trust and relationship, to making progress on strategic goals, improving communication, reducing conflict and finding ways forward on issues that matter. The concepts are useful in any environment – business, government, education, healthcare, community, even families.


What's included in this Worldview Intelligence Online Learning Course?


There are six learning modules. Each module contains short topical videos, a reading exercise from our book: Building Trust and Relationship at the Speed of Change, journaling exercises and discussion board prompts. You can do the learning at your own pace, completing one module a week, after we begin together on June 30th, 2021 with a virtual meet-up. We'll be checking in after Modules 2 and 4 - a great time to ask Jerry and Kathy questions and discuss ideas and learning with your course cohort. We will also close together on August 18th, 2021.

The course has been described as relatable to everyone, a terrific blend of professional and personal development, straight forward and transformational, providing you with skills to bridge gaps and improve your intercultural competency. You can take it alone or persuade a friend or colleague to join you in the learning.

Module 101:

Leading with a Worldview Intelligence Perspective

Module 102

Building Trust & Relationship at the Speed of Change.

Module 103

Deepening Personal Worldview Awareness with the Six Dimensions Framework.

Module 104

Exploring the CIDA-W Planning Model.

Module 105

Responding to Challenges to Personal Worldview.

Module 106

Managing Relationships with Behavioral Science.
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What you can expect from our program!


The Worldview Intelligence approach helps you strategically assess a situation, identify outcomes and align your team or organization around a compelling future outcome.

Intercultural Competency

Cultural differences can be subtle until they aren’t. Worldview Intelligence builds understanding and trust across cultural and other differences.

Team & Organizational Learning

You work on the same team or in the same organization, yet you bring different views. Learn how to use this as a strategic advantage. 

Straightforward &

Worldviews impact every interaction you have. Using our straightforward Six Dimensions Framework giving voice and visibility to more worldviews is transformational.

Bridging Gaps

This course provides tangible mechanisms to bridge gaps of all kinds – in leading change, across cultures, working with conflict, converging ideas.

Inspiring & Practical 

This course turns knowledge gained from reading into practical application. The reflection questions provide inspiration that turns into ideas and innovative thinking, offering solutions you couldn’t see before.

Experience in the Course

A high degree of comfort is established in the virtual setting. The material is applicable to anyone and every single person should have the opportunity to be part of it.

Expanding Worldview Perspectives

Worldviews are not fixed. They can expand – yours and someone else’s. Discover ways to open exploratory doors for better results or new outcomes.

Course Concepts & Learning

Videos, reading, journal exercises and discussion board sharing on concepts deepens learning. Reflection questions invite application to your circumstances.

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$495 USD

Your program includes
  • 6 in-depth modules
  • 4 virtual meet-ups
  • Interaction with Worldview Intelligence Founders and Authors Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel
  • Free Digital Chapters for each module from our Best Selling book: Building Trust and Relation At The Speed of Change
  • Free downloadable PDF of our new Planning Guide: From Conflict Avoidance to Productive Outcomes
  • Invitation to join the growing Worldview Intelligence Community
  • Option to sign on for one-on-one coaching session at 50% off our regular price 

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