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What is one simple thing you can do to improve your leadership or facilitation skills?



Learn to ask better questions.

Our conversations – and our group processes – move in the direction of the language we use or the questions we ask. Slight nuances in a question can generate very different conversations and very different results. Good questions can help build trust and relationship, support inclusion and belonging.

Thoughtful questions can invite all perspectives and worldviews into a room, process or conversation. Developing powerful questions is a significant component of creating exploratory or constructive spaces for worldview dialogues. They can be instrumental in illuminating worldviews and hidden dynamics.


Worldview Intelligence Micro Course



About the Course

Anyone can develop skill in crafting powerful worldview questions. All it takes is knowledge and practice.

This course is asynchronous (learner led) and is a tool that can be used over and over again.

In this course you will learn:

  • The three components of questions to be considered every time you craft one
  • How slight nuances in wording can significantly influence the direction of a conversation or process
  • The role of purpose and intention in creating questions
  • How powerful questions can impact the effectiveness of meetings and group process


 What's Included:

  • A tutorial video on questions and their development

  • The resource guide: Crafting Powerful Worldview Questions: Creating Constructive Dialogue, our Worldview Intelligence Planning Guide 2

  • A short exercise sheet that invites you to practice what you learn in turning ordinary questions into a thoughtful, creative, every day practice

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