The Foundations of Worldview Intelligence

Trying to simplify complex ideas, people and situations doesn’t work well. Worldview Intelligence does. Use complexity and differences to your advantage.

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About The Course?

Whether you’re managing mergers, creating better collaboration, building diverse workplaces or bringing communities together, the Worldview Intelligence Foundations course will help you get better outcomes.

In this course you will learn to use our proprietary Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework to harness differences and complexity. This will allow you to consistently transform differences into an actionable advantage and lasting change.

This foundation level of our flagship course is a self-paced, online course that is the foundation for understanding and using the Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework and to build trust and relationship.

What's in the course

There are six learning modules. Each module contains short topical videos, a reading exercise from our book: Building Trust and Relationship at the Speed of Change, journaling exercises and discussion prompts. You can do the learning at your own pace, completing modules as your time permits.

Module 101:

Leading with a Worldview Intelligence Perspective

Module 102

Building Trust & Relationship at the Speed of Change.

Module 103

Deepening Personal Worldview Awareness with the Six Dimensions Framework.

Module 104

Exploring the CIDA-W Planning Model.

Module 105

Responding to Challenges to Personal Worldview.

Module 106

Managing Relationships with Behavioral Science.


Worldview Intelligence Foundations Course


Create and manage real change with Worldview Intelligence!

The course has been described as relatable to everyone, a terrific blend of professional and personal development, straight-forward and transformational, providing you with skills to bridge gaps and improve your intercultural competency.
After you complete this course, you will have the skills and ability to apply the principles and tools to your work and personal life.

You can take it alone or invite a friend or colleague to join you in the learning.


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