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What's Included 

There is a significant competition for talent right now. This resource, The Power and Potential of High-Performance Teams, will give you insight into how to create and sustain a team and workplace culture where people will choose to work now, and in the future.


People will be attracted to organizations where:

  • They can actively and meaningfully contribute to the mandate and work of the organization;
  • Leaders listen, engage, collaborate and put a priority on building trust and relationship, creating welcoming and inclusive environments, even as internal or external conditions continually evolve and change;
  • They feel valued, appreciated, understood and respected;
  • There is Psychological Safety which means people can take chances without fear of being embarrassed, marginalized or punished in some way, including when questioning the status quo.


This resource for High-Performance Teams provides information on and ways to work with:

  • The life cycle of teams;
  • The three components of High-Performance Teams that are essential to building and maintaining a results-oriented and relational culture;
  • The myths of collaborative leadership and shared leadership;
  • Clarity of decision-making in teams;
  • The ways Worldview Intelligence skills and knowledge help build and support High-Performance Teams.
  • Following the resources and strategies offered in this guide, is a reflection guide for you to assess your team’s performance. Taking the time to understand where your teams are and the potential for growth, will offer you a competitive advantage in a world where the Competition for Talent is heating up and will likely be ongoing for decades to come.


 What Others Are Saying!

"Understanding that relationship and learning are just as important as the work the team does supports our ability to appropriately allocate resources."

"The High-Performance Teams model is as much a diagnostic tool as it offers a prescription for how to support teams in performing better."

"This High-Performance Teams model is easy to remember and to explain to others."





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